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Digital Strategy, Fractional Marketing and Product Management


Over twenty years of experience in digital, in North America and Europe


I take responsibility of my mistakes in order to learn and improve


Persistence and Perspective define my Purpose


Hi, I'm Mircea. Welcome to my consulting portfolio.

Mircea Baldean

Mircea Baldean




I am someone who enjoys the experience of bringing ideas to fruition while navigating the unknown. With over twenty years of experience mainly in digital strategy and marketing roles, I have built a solid track record aligning marketing and technology services with business goals.


I have a strong interest in digital marketing, mobile development, website management and cloud computing delivering value by utilizing my digital strategy, marketing, product and project management expertise. Thinking conceptually while building consensus, I translate strategy into concrete actions.



My Work

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The third largest chocolate confectionery group in the world, Ferrero is a global privately-owned company that produces famous market-leading brands such as Kinder, Nutella, Tic Tac, Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello.

I helped identify digital strategies to unlock potential and propel the Kinder.com site, the group’s largest brand,  25x times from a global rank of 100.000 up to 4.000 in only six months.


Luxembourg Space Agency

The agency’s mission is to promote the economic development of the space sector in Luxembourg by providing support to the space industry, attracting new businesses, and offering innovative financial solutions.

Understanding that getting visible results from marketing takes time and commitment, I am working on increasing the agency’s digital marketing visibility and social media engagement.


McKinsey & Co. via NewtonX

NewtonX connects clients with experts using a unique set of proprietary automation tools. NewtonX leverages a proprietary search algorithm to identify and onboard the best possible experts in the world for each specific request.

Worked with one of their distinguished clients, McKinsey & Co., on an IT exploration assignment within the financial services sector to improve internal visibility with key stakeholders.


Ministry of the Economy Luxembourg

The Ministry of the Economy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is responsible for the country's economic policy, making strategic choices and implementing the instruments necessary to have a dynamic and sustainable development of the national economy.

I have been asked to help position the Ministry of the Economy as a leader among the Luxembourgish ministries in terms of communicating via the social media marketing channels.


Founder Institute Luxembourg

FI is the world’s premier pre-seed accelerator based in Silicon Valley, with chapters across 180+ cities and Graduates that have built companies exceeding $20B. The program helps high-potential entrepreneurs build an enduring company.

I have designed part of the curriculum for the Branding and Design module at the Luxembourg chapter and have been actively working with entrepreneurs on naming their companies. 



Knowledge4You Corporation is a consulting and software development firm driven by an obsession to quality and customer service that provides industry specific solutions for the Higher Education Sector in the Health Care industry.

Worked with an IT team of senior analysts, designers, and architects to propose business solutions within the context of the MedSIS3 flagship software product and services.


What Is Your Purpose?

Digital transformation and innovation are only relevant to businesses if they decrease operating costs, or help increase sales – in each case, enabling the business deliver more value to customers. I would love to explore ways to help you increase your digital value proposition.

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